Your Hot Rod is an Expression of Who You Are - Don't Wait Another Day to Add That Special Touch!

You see them all the time...at car shows, at the diners, at the drags, and rolling down the boulevard. Those hot rods that just scream - "Check Me Out - You Know You Want a Car Like This!"

And who hasn't felt an overwhelming sense of jealousy after laying eyes on a gorgeous peice of rolling iron. I know I fall prey to that emotion all the time. Even those fiberglass bodied jewels can make me salivate.

There are times when I'm out in my '39 Chevy and I'll spot a clean '68 Nova or some other hot rod with just the right stance and attitude, and I can't help thinking that if I had one more bay in my garage I would make that fellow an offer he couldn't refuse.

And that says nothing about that feeling you get when you mash down on the 'loud pedal'. God, is there any other thing a mere mortal can do that brings so much satisfaction? I haven't found it yet.

Build It or Buy It, You Must Make It Your Own -

Now, one of the obvious attractions if you are a car guy like me is to actually build or modify your hot rod yourself. It almost goes without saying.

I've bought 'em and I've built 'em, and even the ones I've bought I changed to reflect my needs, tastes, and desires. Owning and driving a hot rod is as deep a relationship as you can get. (Don't tell my wife.)

Shopping for Hot Rod Parts is a Lot Easier Today -

The internet has made shopping for hot rod parts a lot easier than in the old days. I started in the mid 1960's, and back then having possession of a J.C. Whitney catalog was like having an invitation from the Gods. They had a lot of hot rod parts, and none of them were made in China. My, how things have changed.

From hot rod air conditioning, to hot rod car insurance, companies have sprung up in the last few decades to supply us with every need we hot rodders can imagine. And taking advantage of using the internet to find what we need is a smart move.

Gone are the days when you had to thumb through old issues of car magazines looking for a vender that might have a part you needed. Then sending away for the catalog and waiting for an eternity for that rag to show up in your mailbox.

Searching The Internet and Finding Gold -

One of the really cool things about searching for hot rod parts on the internet is the ability for individules to sell their parts in front of a gigantic crowd of hungry buyers. It's like a 24 hour swap meet right there for your convenience. How cool is that!

I put up this website so folks like you and me can easily take advantage of finding hot rods and hot rod parts.

So here's a tip...if you are looking to buy parts for your hot rod, or you think you may have some parts that you no longer need, why not take a few moments and get your own eBay account while you're thinking about it.

It's free, you know you want one, and now I've made it incredibly easy for you to get one. That is, of course, unless you already have one like the rest of us. But if you don't, take the time...right now...and sign up. You won't be sorry, in fact it will open up a whole new way for you to enjoy the hobby.